Greenwich Park Bandstand



The bandstand is in the Bandstand Field on the south-east side of the Great Cross Avenue. It was erected in 1891.

The bandstand is a Grade II listed structure, octagonal with eight columns supporting a conical, copper roof. The decorative metal was cast by the Coalbrookdale Company, Shropshire and the columns made by Deane & Co. of London, who assembled the bandstand.

The opening concert was held on Thursday, 4 June 1891, with a performance by the Northumberland Fusiliers Band from nearby Woolwich, attracting 5,000 people. The local paper reported:

 “A large concourse of people was attracted to Greenwich-park last evening, when the Northumberland Fusiliers, under Bandmaster W.H. Dencer, began the summer series of Thursday evening performances with a well-chosen selection of popular melodies. The chairs within the enclosure round the bandstand were mostly occupied and, considering the inclemency of the weather until nearly the time for the beginning of the performance the number of people strolling about within hearing of the music was very large. The park is just now seen at its best. The hawthorn and horse chestnuts are in full bloom, and light up the green turf and trees which the late heavy rains have helped to deck in luxuriant coats.”

The bandstand continues to be used for summer Sunday concerts organised by the Friends of Greenwich Park.

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